After a visit to the Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard I decided that my third wooden model boat would be Henry VIII’s Mary Rose. I chose to make from the kit supplied by Caldercraft. In this blog I hope to chart my progress. I’m by no means an expert, and I’m not following Caldercraft’s instructions to the letter, so I may make mistakes. It may take some time.

After gluing the walnut keel in place I made a slotted jig to ensure the keel remained perfectly straight during construction:


IMG_7231 IMG_7232

I assembled all the bulkheads complete with the 5mm bottom deck without glue to make sure it went together with everything square, then glued square wood fillets where appropriate to hold it all together.

IMG_7235 IMG_7236

After fitting the dummy barrel blocks and support beams for the 0.8mm lower deck, it was found that the lower deck needed to be cut in two to enable it to fit between the hull bulkheads. I used super-glue to fit the first half, then reinforced the underside with small wood fillets glued with white glue.



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