Apologies if you’ve been following my blog, as you will have noticed there has been no activity. The Mary Rose Model is a little daunting, and I decided, after fitting the first plank, to concentrate on another model I have been working on, ‘Bluenose’ by Amati. This wooden kit is a lot less complicated, but has the same type of double plank on bulkhead construction, and I thought the experience gained on this would be useful when switching back to the Mary Rose. I’ve enclosed a few photographs showing the progress of ‘Bluenose’, and I’m pleased to report that it’s almost finished. My wife is currently practicing making sails on scrap material, before attempting the real thing. As soon as this model is complete I will be switching back to the Mary Rose.







One thought on “STILL ALIVE

  1. Well done Alan on the ‘Bluenose’ – looks great. Look forward to you continuing ‘Mary Rose’. I have also ppaused the Mary Rose in favour of continuing the HMS Victory – but loving them both


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