I’m pleased to have at last finished this model. I’m generally happy with the standard of the Amati kit, but you do only get the materials you need to complete the kit. If you lose anything, or make mistakes, you might need to buy spares. Some of the components are tiny, and easily lost. I dropped a few dead-eyes while making the kit, and they ‘disappeared’, so I had to buy more. Also, as mentioned in an earlier blog, it’s not a bad idea to supply your own material for the sails, as you will need more than is supplied with the kit if you make mistakes (I did).

The finished model looks lovely in my opinion. As I didn’t want it to become covered in dust, I decided to order a made to measure acrylic display cabinet. I chose one made from 3mm sheet and I’m pleased with it. I bought a large piece of walnut to make into a display cabinet base, and into this, using a router, I cut a 3.5mm wide – 5mm deep slot to accept the display cabinet. This took ages because I had to construct my own jig to cut the slot to the required size and absolute accuracy, but I was rewarded with a perfect fit. Very satisfying.

The stand supplied with the Amati kit is made out of basic plywood, and doesn’t do the finished model justice, so I’ve made my own from the side of an old mahogany drawer.

I’ve already returned to working on the Mary Rose and will update on progress soon.





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