The planking of this hull is more difficult than on Bluenose. I’ve watched a few youtube videos and consulted the book ‘Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders’ by Donald Dressel. The second plank I’ve fitted on each side is five plank widths down from the first plank, measured from the midway bulkhead. The plank has not been tapered and has been allowed to follow its natural path over the bulkheads.

I began by using some purpose made miniature clamps to hold the planks in position while the glue set, but found that additional packing was needed (see red arrow) if the plank was being fitted to a curved part of the hull (which is most of it). As this first layer of lime planking will be covered by another layer of walnut, it doesn’t matter if there are small holes, so I dispensed with the clamps and instead just used the screw part to hold the planks down after drilling holes.

The finished two new planks look mainly OK, but they don’t look right towards the bow and near the stern. The area between the two arrows, for example, looks too flat to me, and needs more of a curve, so I decided to add another thickness of lime planking locally, then sanded it down to get the curve I want. This worked well – see blue arrow, and I repeated this at the stern. I’ll need to do this to some of the other planks as I progress. It is time consuming, mainly waiting for the white glue to set, but the sanding down is quite quick and easy. With these two planks in place and shaped as I want them, I will fit the planking in between, and these will need tapering towards the bow, and stealers fitted between where they fan out at the stern.








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