I’ve started the planking at last. I was hesitant because I’ve been reading about how it should be done and some experts suggest first cutting a ‘rabbet line’ (a groove in the keel in which the plank ends are slotted into). To me, it was not quite clear exactly where all the plank ends would fall, so I decided not to cut one. Instead I will rely on cutting the ends of the planks very carefully, to fit snugly against the keel. This model requires the hull to be planked twice, first in lime, then in walnut, so the really neat planking will need to be the finished walnut. The lime planking really only needs to be well glued in place and to follow the correct contours.

This photograph shows the first lime plank. The next will be corresponding plank on the other side, and this is the procedure I will adopt. The kit instructions suggest using white glue to fit the lime planking, then super-glue to fit the walnut. I’ve fitted this first plank with a combination super-glue and white glue because I preferred glue it in place in stages, holding in place by hand, using super-glue, then reinforcing this with small wood fillets behind, glued with white glue. The end result seems fine to me.




  1. Alan, your model looks fantastic. I have just ordered the Caldercraft kit today and searched to see if there was any build advice on the net – and found your site! I am very impressed with you the quality of your site, photos etc. Keep up the good work – I am sure I will be visiting your site a great deal in the future


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